A Morning Run in Oban

 Sunrise view of Oban on morning run

I had the pleasure of spending a day in Oban during my recent tour of Scotland, and had a wonderful time on a morning run. Oban is a picturesque seaside town in Argyll on the west coast of Scotland. Early mornings are my favorite time of day to explore a new place. I imagined the beautiful sunrise on the water, and how peaceful it would be to run along the shore. Few things in life are as lovely as we imagine, but this time my expectations were exceeded.

Sunrise view of Oban over the water on morning run

While in Oban, I stayed at the Barriemore B&B, which is located right at the edge of town. It was very welcoming. I enjoyed beautiful views right on the water, comfortable accommodation and the Scottish breakfast- delicious! It was walk-able to all the restaurants and just a good fit for my family. It turned out to be the perfect location to see some of the beautiful sights Oban has to offer.

As I headed out, the air had the early morning crispness that is always perfect for running. The rising sun illuminating the cloud cover added to the mysticism of the morning . The road leading out of town looked so inviting as it followed the sea. Traffic was practically nonexistent that early in the day and I had a peaceful morning exploring the area. The views were breathtaking as I ran along, enjoying the fresh air, and exercise, and just being in Scotland!

Sunrise view of Oban on morning run

As it turned out, the highlight of the morning was rounding a bend in the road and seeing Dunollie Castle standing proudly on the coast, as it has for hundreds of years. I learned that it is the historic seat of clan MacDougall. Where else but Scotland can you go out for a run and discover a castle ruin that is over 1000 years old? As a lover of history, I was absolutely enchanted. I imagined the people who have lived there and everything the walls of the castle have witnessed over the centuries. Can you imagine?

View of Dunollie Castle on morning run

Sadly, it was too early in the morning to get to explore the castle and grounds, but I walked around taking pictures and seeing the area as best I could. I was able to follow a path through a wooded area that provided better views of the castle, and charming views of the countryside.

View of Dunollie Castle on morning run

I will always remember my morning run in Oban. Watching the sun rise over Oban, and seeing the castle for the first time was amazing. Every once in a while we are lucky enough to discover a special place that will stay with us forever. I hope to return in the future, and spend more time exploring all that it has to offer, especially the castle!

View of Countryside in Oban at sunrise on morning run

If you are ever in Oban and would like to check out my running route, follow Corran Esplanade to the north side of town, past the row of B&B’s and the war memorial. Watch for traffic as there aren’t many areas to get off the road. You will see the castle just a short way out of town and the views of the water are wonderful. It is well worth the trip!

Until next time Oban…

Oban at sunset

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