Trail Running: A Nice Change of Pace

flowers at Gabis/trail running

I decided to break up the monotony of marathon training by hitting the trails, so I headed to nearby Gabis Arboretum in Valparaiso, Indiana. Trail running seemed like it would be a nice change of pace from road running. Sometimes it seems that I run the same route day after day. It ended up being a great way to refresh my training routine!

trail running at Gabis

I love to run with my dogs, Skye and Winter, when I can. Australian Shepherds are great athletes and make fabulous running companions. They really enjoy it and its a nice distraction for me too. I find myself being less hesitant to venture out on my own when I have them along for company. I knew from previous visits that Gabis is dog friendly so this seemed a perfect spot to take them trail running.

pavilion by the water at Gabis

trail running through the prarie at Gabis

5 tips for trail running with your dog:

Start Slow: build up miles gradually.

Try a hands free leash once your dog is well trained.

Bring water: I use a collapsible water bowl I can stow in my back pack.

Clean up after your pup!

Remember, it’s about having fun. If your dog is getting overheated or tired its time to call it a day.

We had a great time trail running! I really enjoyed the blooming wildflowers this time of year. It was so nice and quiet on the forest paths. The terrain varies from wooded trails to mowed paths through the prairie and is pretty flat. There were plenty of benches and a few shaded pavilions to rest, give the dogs a drink, and appreciate the scenery and solitude. I could tell the dogs were excited for the change of pace as well. They loved seeing the birds and squirrels, and happily sniffed everything they could.

Forest path at Gabis

prarie at Gabis

wildflower at Gabis

Trail running is a great change of pace. I really enjoyed it! It has a completely different feel than road running. The effort feels entirely different, and I am able to be completely in the moment. I don’t worry about how far I have been running, or what my pace time is. I just enjoy the run and being out in nature! Also, I focus on trying not to trip over roots and limbs! Once I have completed the Chicago marathon next month I am looking forward to finding a fun trail race to train for. And I’m sure Skye and Winter will be happy to volunteer as great training buddies!

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Keep Roaming! – Tina

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