A Perfect Time to Explore the Dunes

driftwood at indiana dunes

Fall is my favorite time of year to be outdoors. The temperature is perfect for hiking and exploring, not too hot and not too cold. It’s also my favorite time of year to visit the nearby Indiana Dunes. Located in Northwest Indiana on the shores of Lake Michigan, It’s an incredibly peaceful place to take a walk on the beach, explore the dunes and trails, or just sit quietly on some driftwood and watch the waves. It’s also exciting that the area has been named the nations newest national park this year!

beach at indiana dunes

I had a rare morning to myself, and I knew I wanted to spend it outdoors. I am really trying to find places near home to explore and enjoy nature. You don’t always have to go on a trip across the country or world to have an adventure or find beautiful views (although that’s amazing too!) Often, you can find somewhere nearby to get outside and be active.

It was a cool morning which I find perfect for hiking or running the trails. Maybe not the weather you would think of as beach weather? I know everyone loves to come to the beach when it’s warm and sunny, and I like that too. Still, I prefer a cloudy, cool morning most of all. There is so much more to visiting the Indiana Dunes than just going to the beach. On a cooler day you can enjoy exploring the dunes by hiking or trail running. It’s not overly crowded this time of year, and it’s not too hot for the dogs to come along too, which is perfect!

trail at indiana dunes
trail at indiana dunes

We decided to try the 3 dune challenge, which involves climbing the three highest dunes in the park; Mt. Holden, Mt. Jackson, and Mt. Tom. It’s only 1.5 miles but the elevation changes are the challenging part. It was so fun and the views at the top of the dunes were beautiful! You can see for miles. It was a really quiet day on the trails; we passed only a few other hikers. So peaceful!

mt. tom indiana dunes
dune grass at indiana dunes

The trail led us back to a very secluded area of the beach, which was just perfect for relaxing after our hike. It was a perfect spot to have lunch and watch the waves. It was just the kind of day I needed! It’s so important to make time for yourself and find things that recharge your batteries. Time in nature can do that.

I challenge you to find somewhere in your own area, and make time to go for a hike or enjoy the outdoors. Or discover/rediscover the Indiana Dunes! Don’t forget to bring your dog along, they love the outdoors too! I find it so much easier to bring them along on hikes or trail runs with my hands free leash. I can’t imagine taking two dogs along without it. It frees my hands up for other things, like snapping photos of the beautiful things we discover! I recommend you try it out on your next run or hike.

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I hope you will give the Indiana Dunes a try in the fall season. It’s a perfect place to make some memories, enjoy the beauty of the area and get some exercise. It’s also a great place to capture some stunning photographs. I hope you find the time to do some exploring of your own this fall season!

Keep Roaming! – Tina


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  1. Beautiful place! I love places near large bodies of water – since we lake that here in Colorado 😀

    1. Tcrum says:

      I’m glad you liked the post! It is definitely a beautiful place!

  2. rockolamamma says:

    This sounds beautiful. We are in Cleveland, Ohio. I wonder how far a drive this would be.

    1. Tcrum says:

      Probably about 4.5 hours. They do have a campground at the park that is pretty nice, but fills up pretty far in advance! There are also hotels in the area. I hope you get a chance to go!

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