Culloden Battlefield

Culloden memorial cairn
Memorial Cairn at Culloden Moor

Today is the anniversary of the battle of Culloden, fought on April 16, 1746. Since we are in lockdown for the global pandemic, and the visitor center at Culloden Battlefield is closed, I thought I would share some of my photos from last years visit.

Located near Inverness in Scotland, it is a very moving place to visit. Since this battle marked the end of the highland way of life, it is a very significant place for anyone with Scottish ancestry. The aftermath of the battle, and the devastation that followed saw many immigrating to places such as the United States and Australia. There are now more people that can claim Scottish ancestry living abroad than actually living in Scotland. So, visiting the battlefield, and the stones that mark the individual clans, has become a way to remember, and pay tribute to our ancestors.

I highly recommend you make time for a visit on your next trip. I know we are all going to be excited to travel when this is all over! Until then, enjoy some of the images I captured of Culloden battlefield in June of 2019.

Culloden moor
Culloden moor

A walking path surrounds the moor where the battle took place. You will find plaques from time to time, explaining the significance of a certain area of the battlefield. The atmosphere is subdued and reverent. There are several stones honoring the various clan names.

Culloden moor, memorial cairn
View of the Cairn across the moor
clan Fraser memorial stone
Stone honoring Clan Fraser
clan Macgillivray, Maclean, Maclachlan, and Athol Highlanders memorial stone
Stone honoring Clans Macgillivray, Maclean, MacLachlan, and the Athol Highlanders
Leanach cottage at Culloden
Restored 18th century Leanach cottage

Inside the visitor center there is a cafe, a museum with an excellent walk through display that explains the battle, and an area with artifacts from the battle itself. I thought the artifacts found on the battlefield were really interesting! There is also a nice gift shop to remember your visit. I brought a beautiful cashmere tartan scarf home with me that is a great memento. Make sure you walk through the restored Leanach cottage as well.

Chloe finding out what 18th century soldiers carried with them
Memorial wall at Culloden
Memorial wall

As you walk to the battlefield, you pass a memorial wall. Each stone jutting out represents a highland soldier who died in the battle.

My visit to Culloden battlefield was a memorable, and moving experience that I will never forget. I look forward to visiting again in the future, and hope you are able to as well! For more information visit

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